Social Entrepreneurship

Plenary session

Storsalen, Samfundet

13 feb

19:00 - 21:00

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Social Entrepreneurship —Innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing needs

Humanity is facing many severe social problems. Governments and international organizations are not the only ones trying to come up with solutions. This plenary session features social entrepreneurs; individuals with innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing social challenges, trying to tackle major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change.

Social entrepreneurship is about believing that change can occur also at the ground level, and that there are great possibilities to make a change if we, the people, work together. This is not only about big ideas and utopian visions, but about the practical implementations necessary to reach those goals, which are not only aimed towards immediate and small-scale effects, but sweeping, long-term change.

John Hope Bryant


  • James Fierro (CA), founder and CEO of Recipco, the Capacity Exchange, an alternative market and transaction mechanism that reduces organization’s dependency on cash and credit.
  • John Hope Bryant (US), an American financial and poverty eradication activist, and founder of operation HOPE and co-founder of Global Dignity.
  • Celine d'Cruz (IN), coordinator of Slum Dwellers International, a network of community-based organizations that has developed successful mobilisation, advocacy and problem-solving strategies for urban poverty.

You can see a live stream of this event at www.isfit.org.

You can see a live stream of this event at isfit.org.